7 Actions for Peace from 7 Star Sisters

🌟VIDEO and List of 7 Actions for Peace 🌟

Dr. Nina Meyerhof
One Humanity Institute www.onehumanity.institute 
Children of the Earth https://www.coeworld.org/

Dive deep into compassion. Listen to the other. From I to WE to ONE . 

Jennifer Kim The Peace School

Create the energy of peace with every breath by doing Peace Breathing:
Inhale thinking world, exhale thinking peace.

Monica Willard United Religions Initiative

Tezikiah Gabriel Executive Director Pathways To Peace (PTP)
Practice the PeaceWave: Pause for one minute of silence/moment of Peace at 12:00 noon to envision Peace. Remember to smile when greeting strangers – it’s the universal language of goodwill!

Fumi Johns Stewart May Peace Prevail On Earth International
Think it! 
Say it! 
Live it!  
May Peace Prevail On Earth

Dot Maver Global Silent Minute; River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding; National Peace Academy USA www.globalsilentminute.org; www.centerforpeacebuilding.org; www.nationalpeaceacademy.us

ACT of PEACE: offer a Global Silent Minute on IDP at noon in every timezone around the world – one minute of silence as action in sacred unity for peace on Earth

Becky Suzik Joyfuel & Peace Week
https://joyfuel.org/ & https://peaceweek.org/
Add more JOY to your life and the world by taking a JUMP for PEACE!

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