may the Karma Chameleons
joyfully smile upon your life 🙂

Copyleft–according to the WikiPedia Gods–means that material can be used, copied, shared, edited, gifted, spread around, modified and used pretty much however a person chooses, for free-sies. You are welcome to do that with all my Joyfuel goods and work from the JOYFUEL site.

It would be rather kind and marvelous of you to share the source of your inspiration, perhaps using something like the following:

Image created and shared here freely by
Content created and shared here freely by
Images and content in this [article/essay/blogpost/book etc.] inspired by

OR some such considerate sentiment. Be kind of cool to know about your work too, but that would just blow my mind! What comes around goes around! Oh yes!

<3 I believe in a better way! <3
becky jaine

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