Joan Gelbein Celebration of Life (Leave your Messages and memories in Comments below)

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Save this link and come back to find the video recording of today’s service, a beautiful photo video montage made by Joan’s daughter, Eve, and videos to Rev. Joan’s final sermons given at UU PEACE Fellowship.

2 thoughts on “Joan Gelbein Celebration of Life (Leave your Messages and memories in Comments below)

  1. Susan Holahan says:

    Joan was a gift to the Peace Fellowship as it made its way from a nomadic group of 30 meeting in a park ‘n rec room, to Durant Rd and onto its present home at Watkins Road. She had a broad outlook on life and its foibles and fortunes and always an open ear to listen. As a “guest” minister, she gave us things to ponder and to put our Unitarian values to work and to test. As a “member” she was always all-in on activities, laughter, and pitching-in wherever needed. Though I can’t recall her laugh, her giggle is locked in.
    Such a blessing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the great honor and joy of serving with Joan on the ministerial team at UUCArlington. I loved her vivacity, creativity and humor. I was impressed by how many people spoke of the impact she had on their lives through her inspiration of young adult ministry, Welcoming Congregation for the lgbtq community, feminist power, and the spiritual centering of the Labyrinth.
      The Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles

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