Sacred International Day of Peace Invitation

Dear Joyfuellers,

For the past several months I have been deeply committed and animated in a global initiative that has built to today, this International Day of Peace. Never in my entire life have I been more aligned with the vision of my work, and partners who have collaborated into being a media offering towards Unity + Peace. It has been the most challenging and powerful thing I have ever had the privilege to be connected to.

For the past 11 days we have held a virtual global conference called the UP Convergence. And now we are about to share more powerful and unifying content from all continents.

There are hundreds of people around the world creating this content.

You will not be able to watch it on your usual television stations and channels.

Turn those off and go to and turn it ON and UP.

For those that have followed me for years, you will know I am a joy and creativity activist. You may also know at the root of my work lies the possibility of honoring our seeming differences.

Now more than anytime in history we need to come together to listen, to love, and to learn and grow UP as as a species.

Please join me today as we travel the world through the Peace Weekend Global Broadcast at and take in the possibilities and the love, and this greta collective working towards harmony and peace.

And then later today join us in a massive Zoom Room where we will share what we have learned and have a closing ceremony from the UP Convergence +Peace Weekend. Even if you have not been on the journey these past 11 days, you are NOW on the same journey with me for peace, and you are very much welcome and invited.

Open UP Space Community Hour
8:30pm EDT —
All invited and Welcome!
9:30pm EDT UP Convergence + Peace Weekend Closing Ceremony — All invited and Welcome!
And the Peace Weekend Trello Board we UPdate throughout the day…
Watch PW Global Broadcast at
Help us by sharing whatever you find that resonates with you on YOUR social media. #unitetheworld
Be the Facebook you wish to see in the world. I am.
With so much love, for our joy… and for peace,
Becky Suzik