joyfuel introduction

Hello. I’m Becky, a behind the scenes JOYFUeL fairy, dreaming up ways to share more kindness, creativity and JOY with you. I offer this site for YOU (and me) because WE deserve more moments of JOY. Most of us don’t make or take time for enough of ’em, so here I am–dreaming and playing–hoping to love and lift you more fully into your joy potential.

As of right now, I am working on two projects for our joy…

Project #1: Weekly posts on Facebook  for J🌺O💖Y and moments of ahhhhh. Like and follow to see them in your feed, to interrupt your facebook feed to remind you to breathe and honor your  JOY! These are called Joyfuel Mindful Moments. You can see some of them here.

Project #2: The forthcoming Joyfuel Kindcast–an audio magazine sharing conversations and shining the light on youth and adults all around the world working for kindness, creativity and… can you guess? Yup!!! JOY! Your nominations for guests welcome here.

I’m so glad you are here… on earth right now, and on this little site dedicated to your JOY.

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