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The Joyfuel Kindcast is an independent radio program featuring meaningful conversations and thought around kindness, creativity and joy. Season TWO is currently in production and will be a digital audio format featuring guests from all around the world. Launch date September 2018.

Nominations for guests should be submitted here.
Queries for station syndication should be made directly to me.

Below are three interviews from Season ONE of the Joyfuel Kindcast. Season TWO is currently in production and will come out later in 2018. We are working hard on an incredible season for our guests and listeners. Currently we are looking for youth and adults who are making the world a better place through kindness and creativity. To nominate someone to be a guest on the show please visit here and fill out the form.

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Joyfuel Kindness #1, Audio interview with Pearl Schechter.

Pearl is holding a talking stick , born of a tree from Black Mountain, North Carolina–perhaps the oldest mountain range in the world. Talking sticks have been used by aboriginal cultures for thousands of years to help share from the heart and less from the mind. As the speaker shares, other people in the talking circle open their hearts and listen, trying to not form a response including judgment.

Open your heart and mind and take in some of Pearl’s pearls … she is indeed a treasure, a Pearl of Wisdom.

Click image below to begin playing recording or visit Season ONE Playlist on Youtube.

Pearl Schechter, Choosing Joy, a Joyfuel Kindcast interview (48 minutes.)
(If link does not work, please click here to be taken to audio web site.)

Note: Pearl references a surgery in the interview. Since then, she has successfully recovered from open heart surgery and is doing well. While she does not have a computer, she knows about our intentions for JOY and thinks of Joyfuelers and smiles. 🙂

Here is a link to a another story about the blessed day Pearl and I met on an airplane.

kindcast 2 bannerJoyfuel Kindcast #2, Video Interview with Audrey Lin of Service Space.

Audrey Lin is a volunteer with Service Space, an all-volunteer-run organization leveraging technology to inspire volunteerism and to tap into the inherent generosity within each of us.

Referenced Links and Audrey’s book recommendations:
Audrey Lin’s KindnessTedX talk, Experiment in Kindness:
Kindness and Smile Cards
Service Space
Moved by Love by Vinoba Bhave
Give and Take by Adam Grant.

huge LOVE and gratitude to:
Nimo for gifting permission to use his beautiful song “Being Kind”

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hannan kindcast song sheetJoyfuel Kindcast #3, Video Interview with Chorista and Musician, Kathleen Hannan

Sing for JOY! Download and print PDF containing the Lyrics for Joyfuel Kindcast 3 Kathleen Hannan with the words to the songs featured.

Referenced Links:
Kathleen Hannan’s Web site with music, lyrics, info about her North Carolina-based choirs, and more. You can get Kathleen’s latest CD here.
Global List of Dances of Universal Peace Groups

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