Joy is our birthright. When our JOY tanks are full, we have a more meaningful relationship with ourself and with others. Personal JOY makes it more likely that we will work to help reduce others’ suffering in an effort to support their JOY too.

In this world full of so many things pulling and vying for our attention, many of us have yet to discover how to be a Guardian of our JOY–how to selectively choose where we place our attention and use our time.

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Many wondrous and miraculous things are happening right now, in much more abundance than mass media would have us believe. JOYFUeL uses technology and social media–our human awareness– to celebrate the good things -right here and now- expanding our awareness and quality of our JOY.

JOYFUeL is a home play adventure delivered in the form of an ecourse, gently and consistently offered to you over time, to pause, consider and reflect–using your attention– to help reveal to yourself the condition of your JOY health.

For 44 days, JOYFUeL delivers art, gentle video tutorials, audio interviews and stories, and downloadable/printable journaling sheets with questions to help you consider and intensify your experience of JOY.

JOYFUeL is a gift–of love and time–you give to yourself.

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