joy mirrors

Becky’s effervescent trust of the creative in all of us is a true blessing.  Thank you for your  generosity in the riches of JOYFUeL… so many lovely reminders to connect to nature, to myself, to others. Over and over I was inspired to act on the urge to see, or hear, or touch, or make something new.
Namaste!  Kathleen Hannan

Kathleen, North Carolina

THANK YOU, Becky, from this mother and daughter, for sharing your gift of Joyfuel with us!  We had experienced the magic you’ve created in other projects, so we knew Joyfuel would be good.  And it was!  It still is, too…  Joyfuel just continues to give.  Our favorite thing about Joyfuel was the daily dose of positivity and perspective.  We also loved your beautiful artwork.  It inspired us to be more creative; together, and on our own.

We signed up separately in order to experience it in our own ways.  Elisabeth really enjoyed the independence of making it hers.  She found Joyfuel to be a source of encouragement at a crucial time in her preteen life.  It is so powerful when wisdom creeps into a young life through a role model other than a parent.

This approach allowed Joyfuel to minister to my soul, too.  I needed this as much as she did.

Dawn and Elisabeth, North Carolina

Everything that Becky includes in joyfuel is infused with her love  and hope for greater joy in the world. Becky taught me that joy is the birthright of every person and we must all be guardians of our joy.

Christine, North Carolina

Joyfuel everyday made me stop and think, take a little break from the forward rushing of life and remember to remember that it’s supposed to be joyful.  I do believe in magic and the deeper currents of the universe, but they often get obscured by my practical, earthly life.  You helped me to touch magic a little bit each day by reminding me to also remember my self.
~ Vanessa, New York

Vanessa, New York, USA

Joyfuel arrived at just the right time in my life, as I dealt with a spouse’s recent job loss and health issues. Receiving those daily nuggets of Joyfuel wisdom and art, the writing and creative prompts, and the chance to interact with other souls on the same path were a blessing and reminder that love and joy surround us each day if we just open our hearts and eyes.  Becky Jaine has the unique ability to re-connect us to our creative core and source of joy, and I urge everyone to delve in and give Joyfuel a try!


Pam, North Carolina

“What if everyone on planet earth felt the joy that resides within them? What if we all  became aware that we are joy? JoyFUeL taps into the essence of these questions and for me touched the core of my Being. JoyFUeL’s inspired intentions brought me daily reasons to smile, laugh, hug myself, look inward and opportunities to share my joy with others. From the beautiful and playful art, the inspirational videos, to the inquisitive and actionable prompts, JoyFUeL brings forth a purpose for what it means to consciously live fueled from within. Thank you JoyFUeL!”
Theresa, Nature’s Sweet Grace

Theresa, Illinois

I am an early riser so the house is quiet and even our dog is not stirring so I have time to myself. I would gravitate to my computer every morning to find a cheerful, hopeful note from “Joyfuel” that set the tone for my day. A reminder to be upbeat, happy and be thankful for all that might come my way that day.

I looked forward to that bit of sunshine when it was still dark and quiet outside and I was alone with my thoughts.

Barbara, North Carolina, USA