new ePlayshop dedicated to JOY–YOURS

dear ones,

I’m super excited! I have been very busy preparing a new Joyfuelled-adventure dedicated to activating our JOY through lots of 15-minute bursts of creative expressive heART projects!  Drumroll….

Registration is now open for JOYFUEL HEARTS–
a MONTH-LONG ePlayshop dedicated to
JOY through creative art play!

  • Beginning Friday August 23rd, 2019 you will receive at least one email a day for 28 days with yummy, creative, colorful content to inspire you for at least 15 minutes creating everyday,  for JOY! Emails will include creativity videos, writing prompts, audio recordings, Joyfuel Gems of Wisdom, and joyfood for thoughtall to inspire creative muse and ultimately your JOY.
  • In addition to once-a-day email LOVE we will have once a week LIVE Zoom calls where we will meet and get to know each other by sharing stories, live creativity projects and joy!
  • We also will have a private Facebook Joyfuel Circle!

Suggested gifting

The suggested gift (payment) for this LIVE one-month-long adventure is $125 (US Dollars) payable through paypal or venmo.  You may know I operate in gift economy, which means I don’t let money determine whether or not someone participates in  any of my programs. If you are drawn to this experience and don’t have this amount, or if prefer to gift less, you are welcome to gift whatever you choose, and amount that feels good to you!

I am grateful to receive what you are able to give. Your presence in our circle is a gift!  (After you register at I will email you within 24 hours with next steps and instructions for Paypal or Venmo.)

Suggested Supplies

In determining our projects I was very cognizant to use as few materials as possible, to UPCYCLE or MAKE something from something else, and to provide multiple options so hopefully you won’t need to purchase very many things. (If you live in the Raleigh/Wake Forest, North Carolina area and want to borrow some of my things, you are welcome to my stuff… my studio is YOUR studio!)

I will send our participants the full list soon, but here are some things you can start gathering to put in your heART box to get ready for the adventure! (Things in BOLD are upcycled materials.)

♥ assorted acrylic paint (at least 4 colors)  ♥ blank india ink or permanent markers (different size nibs) AND colorful permanent markers (sharpie style)
♥ assorted brushes, toothpicks, qtips ♥ School Glue (Elmers, generic, PVA glue) 8 oz  full bottle dedicated to one project ♥ Glue Stick
♥ School Glue (plus a little bit of water) OR Mod Podge matte OR decoupage medium
craft foam, flat packing foam OR gel printing plate
assorted plastic bottles tops, lids (plastic and/or metal), and wine corks (Plastic or cork)
make up foam sponges (used is fine) ♥ White Correction Fluid pen OR White Gel Pen
flat cardboard (like cereal or food boxes)
♥ Exacto knife OR utility knife OR Lino Carving Set
♥ TWO or more flat erasers (look in drawers before buying, it’s ok if they have been slightly used)
an old hard-covered book to be turned into a heART journal
assorted scraps of paper, wrapping paper, colorful napkins (serviettes), sheet music, programs, words/images ripped from magazines/newspaper
lots of blank paper,  paper with something printed on one side, art paper for painting, some blank cardstock/envelopes
a plain t-shirt (any color) to be decorated for YOU!
♥ school glue with black acrylic paint added OR one bottle of puffy (aka dimensional) paint ♥ Stapler
2 or 3 Compact Discs you no longer want  ♥ glue gun (hi or low temp) and glue sticks
♥ an old white cotton t-shirt or tea towel

Register by clicking image above or here.

(Ooooooweeeeeee! I like seeing all that BOLD text…. and I LOVE using what we have instead of buying NEW!)

After reading this list I hope you are curious about WHAT we will be making!!!! I’m going to remain a little secretive as I think some of the greatest JOY might come from surprises, but here are a few little hints 🙂

♥ mini journals ♥ prayer flags ♥ stamps ♥ cards ♥ heART journal ♥ stencils ♥  & MORE ♥

This online ePlayshop is inspired by my real-life playshops and I am going to do my best to make this as personal and enJOYable as if we were sharing the same paint tray!

I hope you will join me for this adventure. Please email or leave me a message on the Joyline with any questions and I’ll get back with you!  And register now for our August 23rd start date!

dedicated to JOY, (especially yours) xoxo

Register by clicking image above or here.

p.s. if you’d like to read how participants felt about their experiences with the past Joyfuel ecourse check these out…

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